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Author Talks

Conversations and revelations with thoughtful experts

Open Book

CBEY is delighted to offer Author Talks. In these events, we pair an author who has gone deep into a subject with a voice from Yale who is thinking critically about the same topic area.

These thoughtful conversations with experts get right to the heart of the matter at hand and consider where we go from here. Questions from the audience round out the conversations, adding different perspectives and potential paths to pursue.

This series was inspired by our ongoing work and relationship with Vincent Stanley, CBEY Resident Fellow and co-author of The Responsible Company. We deeply appreciate learning from a gifted writer, author and thoughtful listener. We hope this series provides a similar experience for you.

Upcoming Talks

Recent Talks

Featured Authors

Marissa King

Professor of Organizational Behavior at Yale School of Management

Shalanda Baker

Professor of Law, Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University School of Law

Judy Samuelson

Founder and Executive Director at Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
Vice President at Aspen Institute
MBA 1982

Voices from Yale

Vincent Stanley

Director of Philosophy at Patagonia

Robert J. Klee

Lecturer at Yale School of the Environment
Ph.D. 2005
J.D. 2004
Master of Environmental Management 1999

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