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Wealth Supremacy

Wealth Supremacy Book Cover

Marjorie Kelly’s book, Wealth Supremacy, is a powerful analysis of how the bias toward wealth that is woven into the very fabric of American capitalism is damaging people, the economy, and the planet.

In her book, Kelly identifies a key driving force behind the multiple global crises we face today: financialization. It’s the problem we’re not yet talking about. There’s too much financial wealth in our system, in too few hands.

In this conversation moderated by Vincent Stanley (CBEY resident fellow and Director of Philosophy at Patagonia), Kelly will discuss the myths that make capital bias seem normal and necessary, and will talk about alternative economic models that are already emerging, exploring what a new, more democratic economy can look like and the pathways we can take to get there.

This event is part of our Author Talk series - check it out and watch past webinars!