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circular road in a forest
We are working to inspire a shift towards a circular economy that benefits all.

Profound changes are necessary in education and training, business models, and policy to make this shift. We’re examining the potential for circularity models to minimize resources used, cut waste, and move us all closer to climate goals.

Programs and Initiatives

programs and initiatives

Defining "Circular Economy"

A circular economy is an economic system that minimizes the use of raw materials and the generation of waste. Materials are reused and recycled to maximize their lifetime, and social and economic benefits, approximating a sustainable closed-loop system.

As part of our Beyond the Buzzwords initiative with Tsai CITY, we've given thought to the term "circular economy" and what this term means. Have a read and watch the explanatory video!

Circular Economy on Beyond the Buzzwords

While you're there...also check out "Industrial Ecology" curated by Marian Chertow!

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Mentorship Opportunities

Mentorship language

CBEY creates opportunities for students to meet with people thinking critically about resources and materials...and how we can create a sustainable, more circular, economy. These fellows and mentors are available to meet with you to discuss anything from new ventures to career pathways to coursework. Reach out and connect with them!

Mentors in Circularity

Jan Lo

Vincent Stanley

Industry News & Stories

Circularity Events

Circularity Events

Connect with like-minded individuals


Brenda Meany

Manager - Environment at Tiffany & Co.
Master of Environmental Management 2018

Oscar Benjamin

Head of Sustainability at Brompton Bicycle
MBA 2017
Master of Environmental Management 2017