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Net Positive

Facing issues like runaway climate change and rampant inequality, the world is calling upon business to step up and make bold changes to help create a better future. A key framework for these necessary changes is becoming “net positive”—in short, courageous companies will thrive by giving more than they take from our communities and ecosystems.

But…what would it take for companies to actually create more environmental and social benefit than harm? What does a net positive company look like?

Net Positive Book Cover

This is the premise of Net Positive, a new book from Paul Polman, the legendary former CEO of consumer products giant Unilever, and Andrew Winston, world-renowned sustainable business expert and graduate of Yale’s School of Environment.  By telling stories of how Unilever navigated the fight for their Sustainable Living Plan as well as lessons learned from other pioneering companies, they share how business can profit from fixing the world’s problems instead of creating them. 

Join us for a conversation with the book’s authors hosted by Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy at Patagonia and Resident Fellow at CBEY, as we discuss what it means to be “net positive” and consider what it would take to get there.



Miss the event? Watch the recording; 



Andrew Winston

Co-Chair and Co-Founder at IMAGINE
Master of Environmental Management 2003

Vincent Stanley

Director of Philosophy at Patagonia