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Climate Innovation Intensive

Students at SOM


Eager to play a part in addressing climate change but don't know where to start? Broaden your understanding of climate entrepreneurship and innovation through the 5-week 'Climate Innovation Intensive.' Our second iteration of the intensive will bring together startups, investors, and other partners through a cohort-based program. We will be exploring innovations that span circular economy, deeptech, and platform solutions. The intensive will run every Monday and Thursday over five weeks, with a 4-hour commitment per week.

The intensive aims to provide students with structured frameworks and tools to explore climate innovation through workshops along with curated candid conversations to understand the different lenses of entrepreneurship within environmental innovation. Climate innovation will be explored through discussions with startup founders, ecosystem stakeholders, as well as investors, and other partners who play a critical role in financing and scaling these innovations. 

Program selection criteria 

  • Interest in climate innovation and a desire to gain real-world experiences by interacting with startups and investors in this field.
  • Possession of basic knowledge about startups and Venture Capital (VCs) but no required experience working with these entities.
  • A curiosity to understand different perspectives within a specific climate tech sector.
  • An aspiration to engage with industry experts and startups in the field of interest.

Program Structure 

Cohort Size: 35-40 students. The cohort will be grouped into three sector groups of 12-15 based on their interest. 

  • Circular Economy
  • DeepTech
  • Platform Solutions

Each cohort will work in teams of 2-3 will work over the course of the intensive to identify ideas within these sectors that could become an entrepreneurial venture. The first half of the intensive will involve idea exploration, while the second half will evaluate the idea. 

Program Schedule

Week 1: Think like a Climate Innovator (October 9th - October 13th)

  • Workshop: What problems should we be solving? How can sustainable innovation design for a better future?
  • Mixer: Climate Haven Launch

Week 2 & 3: Climate Entrepreneurship 101 (October 23rd - November 3rd)

  • Workshop: Introduction to climate entrepreneurship, stages, different pathways, and business models. How to build a product/service that people want.
  • Speaker Session: Three sessions, including startups in circular economy, deeptech, and platform solutions.

Week 4: Scale-out Climate Innovation - Capital & Ecosystem Development (November 6th - November 10th)

  • Workshop: Different forms of financing, what does scale look like, ecosystem partners
  • Speaker Session: One session with a green financing startup

Week 5: Presentations (November 13th - November 15th)

  • Teams will present ideas to their respective cohorts, where they will receive feedback and an opportunity to be part of the spring Launchpad program.

Additionally, participants will obtain access to unique networking opportunities to interact with upcoming startups, industry players, and others in climate innovation. To learn more, view the recording of the networking session here. For more information, email Aishwarya (Tsai CITY and CBEY Environmental Innovation Fellow) at

Application will close on Sep 22, 2023!  

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Aishwarya Kuruttukulam

Environmental Innovation Fellow at Yale Center for Business and Environment
Master of International and Development Economics 2022