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Climate Innovation Intensive

Students at SOM

The Climate Innovation Intensive aims to broaden understanding of climate entrepreneurship and innovation through different perspectives. The intensive jointly hosted by Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking and the Center for Business and Environment will be held over four weeks from October 23rd to November 18th, 2022 in collaboration with Connecticut Innovations.

The intensive is a cohort-based program where participants will work closely with startups, investors and other partners to explore sectors addressing climate change. The sectors that will be covered include sustainable aviation fuel, bio-materials and agritech. Startups range across different stages, seed to Series B and include hard-tech, software and nature based solutions. 

Application is now open! 

The deadline is 11:59PM on October 9th.



The intensive aims to provide students with structured frameworks and tools to explore climate innovation through workshops along with curated candid conversations to understand the application of these frameworks. Climate innovation will be explored through discussions with startup founders, their customers, clients or other ecosystem stakeholders who are impacted by the innovation as well as investors and other partners who play a critical role in financing and scaling such innovation. 

Program Structure 

Cohort Size : 28-32 students. Grouped into 3 sector groups of 9-10 based on their interest. 

Monday October 23rd, 2022 - Friday, November 18th, 2022 (4 Weeks)

The four-week intensive will primarily have two components:

  • Workshop: Students part of the cohort will attend a workshop each week that will introduce frameworks and models that introduces key concepts and skills to evaluate climate innovation for each stakeholder group.
  • Speaker Sessions: Each week students will interact with a set of stakeholders where the group will have discussions on the scope of climate innovation for the particular stakeholder. Students will choose one out of the three climate sectors they would like to explore over the course of the 4 weeks. 
    • Week 1: Climate innovators/startups
    • Week 2: Ecosystem stakeholders such as the clients, collaborators and partners that are impacted by the innovation. 
    • Week 3: Investors and other partners who play a role in scaling and enabling adoption of the innovation.
    • Week 4: Student groups will synthesize their learnings on each sector from the speaker sessions and carry out a short presentation on their learnings on the sector. 

Additionally, a networking session would be held to introduce students to industry players and others in climate innovation.


On completion of the intensive, participants will have:

  • Understanding of frameworks and models to evaluate climate innovation for different sectors  through a multi-stakeholder approach
  • Applied the frameworks to a sector and presented their learnings. The sector will be one among the three that are curated as part of the intensive
  • Participated in discussions with startup founders, ecosystem players, investors, etc
  • Attended networking events with the opportunity to interact with climate innovators
  • Gained insight into a specific climate sector 

Tsai City and CBEY

  • Interest and commitment to climate innovation has peaked among participants
  • Participants are keen on exploring these sectors or different aspects of innovation in different capacities
  • Students want to engage with Tsai City and CBEY 


  • Interested in working on innovative ways to address climate change 
  • Able to utilize the frameworks introduced in their own work
  • Keen on a deeper engagement on climate innovation
  • Connecticut Innovations
  • Students are keen on engaging with CI through internships or other engagements
  • Knowledge of the work that CI is involved in
  • Opportunity to share their learnings and experience in the space

Startups + Ecosystem Players

  • Students want to work with our partner organizations or startup companies
  • Students want to carry out independent research or collaborate on studies with the startup
  • Champions of their work
Target Audience 
  • Students interested in climate innovation and seeking real-world experiences by interacting with startups as well as investors in this space
  • Have basic knowledge of startups and VCs, but not experience working with these entities
  • Students looking to understand different perspectives on a specific climate tech sector
  • Students hoping to interact with industry experts and startups in their interested field

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People & Partners

Aishwarya Kuruttukulam

Environmental Innovation Fellow at Yale Center for Business and Environment
Master of International and Development Economics 2022