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CBEY 2050 Fellows

Imagine a responsible economy. What will resilient societies look like in 2050, and how will business help make that possible?

CBEY 2050 Fellows

The CBEY 2050 Fellows is an interdisciplinary group of Yale graduate and professional students who come together monthly to imagine a responsible economy, resilient societies, and how business can help make them possible.

Convened by Patagonia Director of Philosophy (and CBEY Executive Fellow) Vincent Stanley, the group’s meetings are peer-led, open-ended conversations around the future of business and the environment. Throughout the year, the 2050 Fellows will discuss the components of a responsible economy, covering topics like regenerative agriculture, the future of suburbs, and the decoupling of labor and productivity.

The first half of the year will focus on local concerns and we will zoom out to a global view in the second half.

If you are prepared to engage in peer discussions about these topics and how business can be utilized as a part of the solution, we encourage you to apply. 

Questions?  Contact Max Storto.

Application information

Applications for this program are now closed.  Interested?  Keep an eye out for this program to recruit the next cohort in August 2020.

This opportunity is pan-Yale and open to students affiliated with:

  • School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
  • School of Management
  • Divinity School
  • Law School
  • School of Public Health
  • Jackson Institute
  • School of Architecture


People & Partners

Vincent Stanley

Director of Philosophy at Patagonia

Max Storto

MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Program Alumni

Abby Martin

Logan McCoy