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CBEY 2050 Fellows

Imagine a regenerative and responsible economy. What will resilient societies look like in 2050, and how will business help make that possible?

CBEY 2050 Fellows

The CBEY 2050 Fellows are a multidisciplinary group of Yale graduate and professional students who come together in a monthly discussion circle to imagine a regenerative, resilient society and explore how business, government, and civil society can make that possible. As peers from across disciplines, we are navigating similar questions about how to understand the world and change it for the better. We gather to build community—and have the kind of meaningful and generative conversations that transform our work, our lives, and our world.

Convened by Patagonia Director of Philosophy and CBEY Resident Fellow Vincent Stanley, our meetings are peer-led, open-ended conversations about the future of society, the environment, and our own places at their intersection. Throughout the year, we discuss the major issues of our personal and professional lives such as the future of agriculture, the urban/rural divide, corporate social responsibility and business ethics, systemic racism, economic divides, political polarization, strained planetary boundaries, and the role of the USA in the larger world. 

Between monthly discussions, we deepen our community by hosting social gatherings. We believe that cultivating friendships built on trust and common understanding allows us to not only develop relationships with peers from across the graduate school community, but also enhance the dialogue, debate, and collaboration that shape our monthly discussions. Building trust and common understanding involves spending time together. During the 2023-2024 academic year, we will financially and administratively support additional gatherings for students including dinners, hiking, happy hours, and other social occasions. While not required, these gatherings are sincerely encouraged so as to cultivate community among the Fellows.

2023 - 2024 Discussion Gatherings

September 29 (Please note the first session is an Orientation + Dinner from 3-6pm)

October 13

November 10

December 8

January 26

February 23

March 8

April 19

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest.  Our application has closed. Please consider applying for this opportunity in August 2024!

Questions?  Contact Nicole Wong and Asher Noble.

Previous Events

People & Partners

Vincent Stanley

Director of Philosophy at Patagonia
Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Program Alumni

Cameron Kritikos

Nenha Young

Chris Perkins

Max Storto

Abby Martin

Logan McCoy