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On Campus

B-Corp Boot Camp

The B Corp Bootcamp is a workshop based on "An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Certified B-Corps and Benefit Corporations," a guidebook to be released in Spring of 2017 in partnership with Patagonia. During this three-hour workshop, participants will explore the practical applications of B Corp certification and Benefit Corporation legislation. 

The workshop will:

  1. Promote education and awareness of Benefit Corporations and B certification.
  2. Provide entrepreneurs guidance on the question of whether to obtain B certification or incorporate as a Benefit Corporation.
  3. Increase awareness and understanding of Benefit Corporations and B certification, examine areas of confusion and distinguish between perception and reality.


9.00-9.30am Keynote Address and Introduction, Kate Cooney, Yale School of Management

9.30-10.30am : To B or Not to B: The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Certified B Corp or Benefit Corporation

A panel of entrepreneurs will discuss real world implications and opportunities of their business status, and the pros and cons of becoming a certified B Corp or Benefit Corporation.

  • Suzanne McKenzie – Founder and CEO of Able Made
  • Charlie Negaro, Jr.  – General Manager of Atticus Café and Bookstore
  • Sharon Rowe – CEO and Founder, EcoBags
  • Moderated by: David Menard, Partner at Murtha Cullina, Co-host of CTSTARTUP Podcast

10.30-12.00pm: Is B Certification or Benefit Incorporation the right decision for your company? This session will be an interactive workshop to provide entrepreneurs guidance on the question of whether to obtain B certification or incorporate as a Benefit Corporation. Experts will facilitate discussions and guidance on Qualifications, Business type, Board approval, Resources/manpower. Entrepreneurs will leave with clear next steps!


  • James Woulfe -  Counsel, Government Affairs at the Connecticut Group, LLC
  • Regina von Gootkin -  Supervising Clinical Attorney, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic at University of Connecticut School of Law

12.00-1.00pm Lunch from Junzi Catering

An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Certified B Corporations And Benefit Corporations

In partnership with Patagonia, CBEY is publishing a guide for entrepreneurs on the question of whether a company should become a Certified B-Corporation and/or a Benefit Corporation. Increasingly, entrepreneurs are considering how to create a company that has a positive impact on society, promote corporate social responsibility, and use the power of business for higher purposes of social good. This guide will advise on best practices while helping entrepreneurs minimize legal costs, and make informed decisions as to whether B certification or Benefit incorporation makes sense for the company at that time.


Kate Cooney

Senior Lecturer in Social Enterprise and Management at Yale University School of Management

Sharon Rowe

CEO & Founder at ECOBAGS Products, Inc.

Cass Walker Harvey

Founder at CWH Consulting
Senior Advisor at Time4Good
Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment

James Woulfe

Director of Government Affairs at The Connecticut Group