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YSE SOM Joint Degree Program

Interdisciplinary Projects

Imagining a responsible economy, resilient societies and the role of business

Imagining a responsible economy - overview

The CBEY 2050 Fellows is an interdisciplinary group of Yale graduate and professional students who convene to imagine a responsible economy, resilient societies and how business can help make that possible.

Chris Perkins

Senior Director at Outdoor Recreation Roundtable
MBA 2021
Master of Environmental Management 2021

Advancing the understanding and growth of clean energy finance


Insightful articles and research explainers showing the trends and challenges at the leading edges of energy efficiency finance and solar energy finance.

Zach Ratner

MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Alex McRae

Asset Manager, Renewable Energy Investments at The D. E. Shaw Group.
MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Exploring the potential that exists when conservation meets capital

project overview

At a time of modest public funding and limited philanthropic dollars, innovative funding and financing strategies hold great promise in narrowing the gap between the financial resources that are available and the scale of the conservation need.

Working as sustainability consultants for start-ups runs by peers

program overview

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Consultancy gives entrepreneurs access to a dedicated team of skilled individuals who are passionate about solving sustainability problems.

Ideating to generate innovative solutions to complex sustainability challenges

program overview

By organizing and hosting ideation workshops with organizations working at the intersection of business and the environment, Yale GreenLight gives clients an opportunity to take advantage of the multidisciplinary experiences and skills that Yale University students possess.

Jessica Harpole

Operations Associate at McKinsey & Company
MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Mobilizing students across Yale's campus to create innovative ideas and programs to act in the wake of the current climate crisis

climate change solutions overview

The Climate Change Solutions Generator (CCSG) offers students the opportunity to join a passionate community, get inspired and informed about key challenges and opportunities for innovation, and hatch a solution aimed at creating meaningful, positive impact in solving the global challenge of climate change.

Teaching diverse approaches to building community and having difficult conversations

teaching diverse approaches - overview

Using a foundation of empathy, active listening, and self-awareness, The Resilient Leaders program explores the idea of resiliency in creating social change, building community, and taking action.