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Conservation Finance Network

As a founding partner, CBEY is a key part of this diverse network of individuals and organizations from across the private sector, foundations, public agencies, conservation groups, and academic institutions.

Conservation Finance Network

Conservation Finance Network: Where Conservation Meets Capital

More and more, the conservation community is recognizing that traditional funding models can’t keep pace with the need for conservation capital. At a time of modest public funding and limited philanthropic dollars, innovative funding and financing strategies hold great promise in narrowing the gap between the financial resources that are available and the scale of the conservation need.

About Conservation Finance Network

The Conservation Finance Network (CFN) advances land and resource conservation by expanding the use of innovative and effective funding and financing strategies. We support a growing network of public, private and nonprofit professionals through practitioner convenings, intensive trainings, and information dissemination to increase the financial resources deployed for conservation. Our web presence is produced in partnership with Yale Center for Business and the Environment. This web presence is a leading resource for practitioners, investors, conservationists, students and others. Our work draws from a start in and focus on the United States and touches on international approaches. We produce original content and curate the work of other organizations. We create news, research, policy, training and convenings related to conservation finance. We cover all the world’s ecosystems including forests, agriculture, oceans, cities and rivers.

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Our Story

CFN is the culmination of years of collaborative effort by leading practitioners in the field. The initiative grew out of a pilot workshop envisioned at Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in 2006 and held at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies in 2007. This initial training course – nicknamed the “Boot Camp” for its intensity – tackled the art and science of raising, borrowing, managing and investing money for land and resource conservation. Its success energized momentum for additional workshops, provided a clear rationale for backbone support in this emerging field, and spurred the eventual creation of CFN at Island Press with seed money from the United States Department of Defense’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration Program. Today, our operations are based out of The Conservation Fund, a top-ranked organization for efficiency and effectiveness which works to achieve environmental and economic outcomes.

Our Team

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Student Writers

Student Writers

Abhishri Aggarwal

MBA 2021

Jessica Bediako

Master of Environmental Management 2022

Shimul Bijoor

Master of Environmental Management 2021

Jake A. Billhorn

MBA 2022
Master of Environmental Management 2022

Shitiz Chaudhary

Master of Environmental Management 2021

Jeamme Chia

Master of Environmental Management 2021

Bennett Hall

B.A. 2022

Linh Manh Le

Yale College 2022

Abigail Long

Yale College 2022

Charlie Markowitz

Master of Environmental Management 2022

Katie Michels

MBA 2023
Master of Environmental Management 2023

George Moore

MBA 2022
Master of Environmental Management 2022

Wilder Person

Master of Environmental Management 2021

Rachael Ross

Master of Environmental Science 2021

Brad Ward

Master of Forestry 2022

Kristen Wraithwall

Clean Energy Finance Associate 2019/2020 at CBEY
Master of Environmental Management 2021

Andy Xie

Yale College 2021

Amanda Zhang

Yale College 2021

People & Partners

Alec Appelbaum

News Editor at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
BA 1993
MBA 1998

Leigh Whelpton

Program Director at Conservation Finance Network
Master of Environmental Science 2012

Heather Fitzgerald

Associate Director at Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Bradford S. Gentry

F.K. Weyerhaeuser Professor in the Practice at Yale School of the Environment and Yale School of Management
Faculty Co-Director at Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Vero Bourg-Meyer

Program Director, Clean Energy at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
Master of Environmental Management 2015
LL.M 2005
Postgraduate Degree in International Trade Law 2003
J.D. Equivalent / Law Masters 2002

Program Alumni

Marisa Repka

Shea Flanagan

Maki Tazawa

Abby Martin

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