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YSE SOM Joint Degree Program

Student Research


Joint degree students are uniquely positioned to leverage the expertise of two world-renowned professional schools.  Our students are conducting deep analysis to develop applied solutions to today's most pressing sustainability challenges.

Communicating the financial benefit of investing in "B" Corps

"B" Corps are investments that bring a more comprehensive set of risks into focus. We have written a guide to help investors understand the financial value of Certified B Corps and Benefit Corporations.

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Max Storto

MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Thinking about how an organization should design an internal carbon charge

While policy tools and guidance exist for carbon pricing at the national level, it is not clear how implementation might differ in a business environment or another setting. This report seeks to supplement the growing carbon-pricing literature, given the promise of internal carbon-charge programs in addressing climate change.

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Luke Elder

Lead, Sustainability Reporting at Google
MBA 2019
Master of Environmental Management 2019

Broadening the appeal of Solar Power to Low- and Moderate- Income Households

This Yale-led project will develop effective ways to communicate the benefits of household solar to low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities. 

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Sophie Tyack

Program Manager at Microsoft
MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020