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Maureen Burke

Lecturer at Yale School of the Environment
MBA 1997
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Maureen Burke has been lecturing at the Yale School of the Environment on topics related to business and the environment – since 2005.  She has over 25 years' experience in entrepreneurship and finance. She began her career as an underwriter and trader in Municipal Bond Finance. She left Wall Street to pursue an MBA in finance from the Yale School of Management.

Since graduating from Yale School of Management, she has been advising entrepreneurs and technology-based start-up companies. She has worked with entrepreneurs in a variety of areas –environmental technologies, consumer products, biotechnology, etc. Past clients include the Cleantech Venture Network, Alternity Wind, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation and Keren Pharmaceuticals.

At YSE she teaches the Business & Environment Consulting Clinic – a real-life project based class that provides students with the opportunity to work on an environmental issue with business implications – for an external client (company or NGO).   She also teaches a course on basic accounting and financial concepts for environmental managers.

Maureen also teaches an Entrepreneurial Venture Creation class for YSE student entrepreneurs looking to start companies after graduation. She also offers popular training workshops to prepare students for entrepreneurial competitions such as the Sabin Prize at Yale School of the Environment, the Yale Entrepreneurial Society’s Venture Challenge and the Thorne Prize at the Yale School of Public Health.