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The Hunt | Charting the Path to Your Next Career Move

As we emerge from the winter and pandemic, the world of work looks very different; with many of you planning everything from an internship to the next phase of your career. If you are "in the process", this is an invitation to review and strengthen the tools you have at your disposal to plan the move and fine-tune your tactics to land the opportunity: whether you are just starting your career; planning a big switch to pursue newly-formed life goals; or a more straightforward progression through your existing organization. 

This workshop will be led by Peter Boyd — a CBEY Resident Fellow, Yale Lecturer, and independent coach - who's worked alongside innovators like Richard Branson to combat climate change as a senior leader at the B Team and the Carbon War Room, led Virgin Mobile South Africa as CEO, and more. He will provide tools that he has shared with hundreds of Yale students and seasoned executives to help you assess what is important for you in crafting your next position, to get a clearer sense of your purpose, and to create your own distinct (and by-definition-less-crowded) path to get there.

The goal is for you to finish the session with a sharper pitch, more tightly connected to your purpose; and (the start of) a ‘hunt’ dashboard that will be unique to you. You’ll also have collected best-practice tips on how to convert promising ideas and leads to a firm offer for your next chapter.

This event will be hybrid. 

This event is co-sponsored by the Career Development Offices at the Yale School of the Environment and the Yale School of Management.

What a wonderful session!  Below are the post-event materials.  




Peter Boyd

Faculty at Yale School of the Environment
Founder & CEO at Time4Good Group
Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment