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Green Innovator Community

CBEY and the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking strive to create a community to highlight, discuss, and experience environmental innovation

Green Innovator

The Green Innovator Community comprises students, partners and others who are eager to engage in environmental innovation. The coordinators of this community will play a critical role in managing processes and data to effectively support the community as well community engagement activities such discussion groups, mixers, etc. are within the purview of this program.

There are currently three different initiatives within this program:​​​​​


Active Community

The Green Innovator Community brings together students, staff and alumni interested in environmental entrepreneurship and innovation through:

Green Innovation Lunch Deep Dives

This series invites peer discussion around environmental topics over lunch. Topics are typically small, ranging from thoughts on a new technology to an alumni’s founding story. 


Mixers occur throughout the year to foster community around green innovation, including events for sustainable start-up founders and interested students. 

Broader Network

The Green Innovator Community extends beyond Yale’s campus, with members all over the globe. 


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Start Up Database

This active database includes ventures, investors, and grants to track Yale students and alumni developments in green innovation.

Entrepreneurship Resources

This list of resources aggregates the many ways Tsai CITY and CBEY support current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Previous Events

People & Partners

Josie Jayworth

Environmental Innovation Fellow at CBEY | Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2024