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Speaker Series

Planetary Innovator Speaker Series

This program, a collaboration with the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking (CITY), features innovators who are developing and implementing planetary solutions to some of the world’s most complex environmental problems.

Field with wind turbine

Speaker Series

It's clear that the status quo won't suffice for dealing with climate change. Innovative solutions are imperative. Not just startups and new technologies—innovation across all sectors of society. The Climate Innovator Spotlight speaker series highlights innovators working to address the climate crisis through policy, technology, finance, and more. By giving these leaders a chance to share their stories, the series will explore how different forms of innovation handle the complexities of climate change and build resilient communities.


Green Innovator Chats

Tsai CITY and CBEY have partnered to host a series of informal "Green Innovator" virtual chats this semester. This pop-up series features innovators at the forefront of tackling climate change. By signing up, students will get the chance to informally talk to our hosts in small groups of six. Topics range from an award-winning ingredients company focusing on the circular economy of food, to sustainable skincare which uses green chemistry to ensure a safe and clean supply chain. The series is open to students from any Yale school and will run through the academic year.

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People & Partners

Josie Jayworth

Environmental Innovation Fellow at CBEY | Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2024