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Surf to Turf: Linking Regenerative Agriculture and Restorative Aquaculture in Coastal Foodscapes

Ocean Garden on Clonakilty Bay, Ireland

From seaweed farming to oyster cultivation, our coasts represent some of the world’s most dynamic and vital regions of food production. Yet, farmers and fishermen alike face an unprecedented array of ecological, economic, and societal challenges today. Circular practices involving restorative aquaculture and regenerative agriculture methods have garnered attention in recent years for their potential to combat climate change, enhance food system resilience, and promote worker and community wellbeing.

Despite these shared stories of hope, marine-based foods and land-based agriculture are often considered and managed in silos. Through restorative ocean farming and “surf-to-turf” practices such as seaweed-based soil amendments, we have a singular opportunity to build a bridge between land- and sea-based food systems and, in doing so, enhance the overall resilience and vitality of both.

This report explores the history of sea-to-soil connections in food and agriculture, best practices and examples of these approaches at work today, and the opportunity they present for deep and meaningful food systems transformation on land and at sea.

Published February 2024

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About the Authors

About the Authors

Kelly McGlinchey

Founder & President at Table & Tilth
Master of Environmental Management 2023