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Minna Brown

Climate Action Program Director at Middlebury College
Minna  Brown

In May 2015, Minna joined F&ES as the School's new Case Study Integration Manager to serve as a resource in identifying, developing, and assisting with the incorporation of applied case studies into F&ES curriculum. In November 2017, she became the Director of Academic Affairs at Yale F&ES. As the Director of Academic Affairs, Minna works to support the design, implementation and assessment of curricular efforts at the school, including master’s program curricula, professional skills, and online education initiatives. Her role grew out of her previous position as the F&ES Case Study Integration Manager, through which she built interdisciplinary, applied case studies to be used across courses.

Minna graduated from Yale in 2015, where her M.E.M. studies focused sustainable business and climate change and she worked on digital strategy for CBEY in addition and the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. Prior to graduate school, Minna directed online marketing and outreach teams for climate advocacy groups and digital consulting firms. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Middlebury College.

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