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Highlights from CBEY's busy fall and winter

Somehow we’re nearing April, and on campus, students are heading back from spring break adventures while polishing cover letters for the job and internship hunt. The cold certainly hasn’t let up here in New Haven, but before we know it, exams will be wrapping up. With the constant hubbub of the academic calendar, sometimes we forget to take stock of everything that happens here through CBEY. We wanted to just take a moment to look back at this fall and winter. From launching the new website to supporting student-initiated courses, hosting webinars, diving into the entrepreneurial experience, and bringing leaders from every corner of the business and environment nexus to campus, it’s been a full fall and winter. Here are just some of the things that the team has worked hard to organize recently. As always, there’s more to come. Keep an eye out on the events calendar, social media, blog, and newsletter for details.

A new website

First and foremost, we launched this beautiful new website. It’s up to date and easier to use, and we plan on continuing to expand its scope with the CBEY community’s help. Please let us know if you have feedback! We’d love to hear from you.


We also hosted a wide variety of talks and events:

Case competition

SOM and FES students collaborated to bring the first annual “Low Carbon” Case Competition to SOM


In addition to regularly scheduled courses at the business and environment nexus, Susannah Harris and Aaron Willis decided that they wanted to delve into the world of corporate water risks, and designed a workshop series with CBEY’s help. 


We continued to post blogs about a variety of subjects. I profiled the Tuckerman clothing company team as they got their successful kickstarter campaign off the ground. Marissa gave a recap of Climate Change Capital’s Chairman, James Cameron’s approach to successful climate agreements. Oscar synthesized a week of talks into a compelling piece about sustainability reporting needs. Victor spoke about how participating in the online Natural Capital course last year launched him on his journey to the EMBA program. Laura tackled the job search with CBEY and other students in NYC, and Jancy published a post on both the CBEY blog and the Huffington Post about her experiences with the realities of trying to innovate recycling systems.

Clean Energy Finance Forum

The Clean Energy Finance Forum has grown both in size and in reach, publishing stories that are regularly featured at the helm of GreenBiz and other clean tech blogs.  Read all of the team’s great work at

While this is a long list, it represents just a fraction of the exciting things the CBEY team of students, faculty, and staff have been involved with. And, we're excited for what the last few months of the academic year have in store. Keep an eye out for CBEY's student pitch competition, conversations with NRG CEO David Crane, JP Morgan Chase Head of Office of Environmental Affairs' Matt Arnold, and AES founder Roger Sant, as well as the Yale Data Hack.