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Panel discussion

Sustainable Fashion + Policy

The fashion industry, globally expansive yet minimally regulated, stands as the world's second most polluting sector. Recognizing its impact on the climate crisis and exploitative social dimensions, decision-makers and politicians worldwide are increasingly advocating for sustainable fashion through public policy.

Join us for an enlightening evening delving into the intersection of politics, fashion, and the environment. Explore current global socio-environmental policies in fashion and their consequential effects in this conversation with experts and industry leaders.

The talk will be 5:00 - 6:00 pm, followed by heavy apps*, beverages and networking! 

Can't attend in person? Join us on Zoom!  Please sign up HERE

*We are committed to reducing waste at our event. Therefore, if you register, please commit to attending!


Michelle Gabriel

Graduate Program Director of Sustainable Fashion at Glasgow Caledonian New York College
VP of Education and Policy at Fashion Revolution USA

Dr. Mark Anner

Professor and Director at Center for Global Workers Rights at Penn State University

Shona Quinn

Senior Director of Social Consciousness at Eileen Fischer
Master of Environmental Management 2004