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Dr. Meital Peleg Mizrachi

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Economics at Yale University
Headshot image of Meital Peleg Mizrachi.

Dr. Meital Peleg Mizrachi is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Economics at Yale University, where she conducts research in the realm of sustainable fashion with a particular focus on regulation and textile waste. Her ongoing research initiatives encompass the assessment of policies within the New York Fashion Act—a pioneering global regulation in the fashion industry—and the exploration of textile waste issues in Ghana, often resulting from clothing donations.

Meital holds graduate degrees with honors in Public Policy (MA and PhD) from Tel Aviv University. Her doctoral research was centered around "Encouraging Sustainable Consumption through Public Policy," with a significant emphasis on examining the effects of public policy, choice architecture, and the Covid-19 epidemic on sustainable consumerism. In addition, in recent year she served as a lecturer at Tel Hai College, where she taught about sustainable fashion, and alternative consumerism in a neo-liberal economy, and as a coordinator at the Climate Center of Tel Aviv University.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Meital has been actively engaged in civil society for many years. In her most recent role, she served as the director of the Green Employment Department at Life and Environment, the umbrella organization of the environmental movement in Israel. She also worked as a sustainable fashion researcher at the Presidential Climate Forum. Notably, Meital founded and directed the "Dress Well" organization, dedicated to promoting fair fashion.

Meital is an avid fan of clothes with a story and believes in the power of fashion to change the world for the better. In 2021, she was selected for the list of 40 promising young people under the age of 40 by TheMarker magazine due to her activities in the field of fashion and the environment.