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New financing for our declining city forests: bringing to market carbon credits and impact certification at a national scale

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Urban trees and forests are often overlooked in our fight against climate change and yet they cumulatively represent a significant carbon sink. More than that, they provide a wide array of co-benefits to our urban communities that are far more tangible than the benefits provided by far-off wilderness areas. However, the numbers show that our urban tree canopy is under siege in the U.S., and new financing mechanisms are urgently needed.

Join our webinar to engage with City Forest Credits' Executive Director, Mark McPherson, as he walks us through promising new solutions for the urban tree canopy crisis. City Forest Credits has demonstrated the viability of carbon credits and impact certification as financing mechanisms for urban tree canopy -- and is rapidly bringing these mechanisms to scale across the U.S.  We will explore why the urban landscape has posed such a financing challenge, Mark's experience building a new non-profit around solutions, several example projects, and the outlook for expanding this critical branch of conservation finance.

[Note: this webinar was originally scheduled for Friday, May 1st, but has been moved forward a day, to Thursday, April 30th]