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Green Resilience Hubs: A Conversation with the Report Authors

Green Resilience Hubs are physical facilities equipped with clean energy technologies and strategically located to offer vital services to local communities before, during, and after emergencies such as natural disasters. Using the Connecticut Green Bank as a case study, a team of recent graduates from the Yale School of the Environment have written Green Resilience Hubs: An Energy and Financial Model to offer insights to developers and investors interested in potentially constructing these spaces.

An array of incentives is examined – including federal tax credits made possible through the Inflation Reduction Act – which can allow communities across the country to harness the power of financial mechanisms to drive resiliency.

The authors of this report will talk about their research, give an overview of the report as well as the financial model they have constructed and how they can be to be adapted to analyze other projects across the United States.


Sarah Gledhill

Senior Associate at Sunwealth
Master of Environmental Management 2023

Maggie Thompson

Clean Energy & Green Tech Investment Banking Analyst at Marathon Capital
Master of Environmental Management 2023