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Career Conversation

Finance & Environment - CBEY Summer Internship Panel Series

Our Pathways program seeks to support students in their pursuit of careers in the private sector that focus on doing good for communities, ecosystems, and the planet. Join us for an in-person session as we hear from students about their summer experiences at the intersection of business and the environment! Interesting, informative, and often humorous, these events give personal accounts of experiences and highlight the many possible career pathways for students engaged in the business/environment interface.

This panel will focus on Finance & Environment. We'll hear from:

Carolina Sánchez Badini (MEM/MBA '25) - CapShift

Colin Custer (MEM/MBA '24) - Tiverton Advisors

KhaYr Barry (MEM '24) - Berkshire Partners

Lee Larson (MBA '24) - Piva Capital / Closed Loop Partners

Please join us for Lunch!  *We are committed to reducing waste at our event.  Therefore, we ask that when you register, you commit to doing your best to attend.