Bright Lights, Green Sights

Supported by the Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize, this series features underrepresented entrepreneurs as they reflect on their endeavors and discuss opportunities for sustainable value creation.


Bright Lights, Green sights is a speaker series that highlights voices of underrepresented leaders in sustainable entrepreneurship. The series seeks to expand popular understandings of sustainability beyond natural resource issues, and features change makers working to simultaneously reach long-term environmental, social, and financial goals. 

Over the coming year, we will welcome a number of diverse speakers to campus to reflect on their entrepreneurial endeavors and discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustainable change making. Students will also have an opportunity to join speakers for small group meetings and workshops.


Each speaker is invited to participiate in a one-on-one interview as part of a podcast series that is available to the Yale community on iTunes U. 

Listen to the podcasts on iTunes or SoundCloud.

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