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On Campus | Workshop

Policy, Politics and Fashion: The New York State Fashion Act

The fashion system has been operating by and large without governmental oversight since its inception. That is quickly changing; the last few years have seen a rapidly shifting legislative and regulatory landscape across North America and Western Europe. The New York State Fashion Act is one of the most impactful and groundbreaking bills to be introduced to date. With its global reach, wide scope, and novel risk-based approach, the Fashion Act aims to create a global floor of acceptable social and environmental practice for the fashion industry.

Using recent and ongoing research about several timely fashion-focused policy initiatives including the New York State Fashion Act as a framework, Michelle Gabriel, VP of Education and Policy at Fashion Revolution USA, will help us better understand the challenges, limitations, tools, resources, and best approaches to constructively engage with regulation and the political realm to achieve compliance and build value for all stakeholders across the fashion system.  



  • Understand fashion as a system
  • Understand the implications of historically absent stakeholders, including government, on the fashion system
  • Understand the range of challenges and limitations for successfully adopting fashion-focused policy, legislation & regulation  
  • Understand the basic principles of the US political system as it relates to policy engagement
  • Understand how to constructively engage with policy, legislation & regulation

Food will be served. *We are committed to reducing waste at our event. Therefore, if you register, please commit to attending!


Michelle Gabriel

Graduate Program Director of Sustainable Fashion at Glasgow Caledonian New York College
VP of Education and Policy at Fashion Revolution USA