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CliMates: Regenerative Agriculture Financing

Lauren D'Souza (MBA-MEM '26) will present on different types of regenerative agriculture and lead a discussion on the challenges of financing and investing in this area. This session will be particularly enjoyable for people who attended the winery fireside chat between Prof. Todd Cort & Xavier Rolet two weeks ago and were itching for more discussion about the financing of regenerative agriculture projects like that.

Reintroducing the new and improved CliMates! Like last year, CliMates will be a weekly get-together of everyone interested in learning more about sustainability - from SOM, YSE and beyond - to discuss about trending sustainability topics and how industries are adapting. Every session will have 3 parts:
~20 min presentation about a sustainability topic given by a peer/ close contact. To broaden our exposure and deepen our knowledge.
~20 min for small group discussion about the topic. To share additional knowledge, spark new ideas, allow yourself to shape an opinion, and practice voicing it.
~20 min open time for career advice / community catchup. To help each other in our recruiting journeys and get to know each other better.
We are looking for speakers (students, alumni, etc.) who want to share their sustainability knowledge from studies, a previous job/internship, or personal interest. Also, we'd love some input on topics that most interest you.
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Please join us for Lunch! 
*We are committed to reducing waste at our event.  Therefore, we ask that when you register, you commit to doing your best to attend.