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Ballot Measures: Leveraging Public Support for Land Conservation

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American politics may feel highly partisan, but there’s one thing voters of all political stripes seem agree on: local and state funding for parks and conservation. On November 6, voters approved 46 of 54 measures -- an 85 percent passage rate -- creating over $2.8 billion for the protection of water quality, new parks, natural areas and working farms and ranches across 21 states. Ballot measures are instruments of direct democracy that allow voters to directly shape public policy in the voting booth. Measures at state and local levels have historically brought critical funding to land and water conservation across the country. This webinar will get you started with the tools needed to lead or support ballot measures. Learn from Will Abberger, the Director of Conservation Finance for the Trust for Public Land, as he presents concepts and case studies that will help you chart a path toward new opportunities for your community.

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Will Abberger

Vice President of Conservation Finance at The Trust for Public Land