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Yale Clean Energy Conference to Host Opening Reception at ClimateHaven

ClimateHaven is New Haven’s community for climate tech entrepreneurship

The Yale Clean Energy Conference, November 9th-10th, is fast approaching! In YCEC’s third year, we are partnering with ClimateHaven, where the conference will host a networking reception. This year’s summit will bring together experts from across the clean energy and technology sector to focus on Innovation, Equity and Investment for a Clean Energy Future. 

The Yale Clean Energy Conference is thrilled to be partnering with ClimateHaven for this year’s reception. ClimateHaven will officially launch on November 9th, and is a New Haven-based incubator that assists startups building solutions to address climate change by decarbonizing our economy and building resilience. They assist early-stage companies in developing their technology, building a product around their technology, creating a company, finding customers, attracting investment, and creating impact. 

The urgency to transition to a decarbonized economy is more important than ever. This summer, the northern hemisphere experienced one of the hottest summers in recorded history, followed by extreme rain this fall. Institutions like ClimateHaven, which are able to provide the necessary resources to bridge the gap between an idea and an implemented solution, are where the theory and ideation meet reality.

Creating a healthy, sustainable, and resilient future requires entrepreneurship, innovation, and a community of people who are ready and able to support big ideas. Through its network of mentors, corporate partners, as well as established startups and investors, ClimateHaven provides exactly these resources in ways that few other organizations can. 

While the global community has made incredible strides toward sustainability, the reality is that in 2022 global emissions will continue to rise. Opportunities abound, but without the sustained support of a community of like-minded individuals with the right skills and know-how, even the ideas can fail as they move from concept to product. Organizations like ClimateHaven are charting a new course, which is why the Yale Clean Energy Conference and the Yale Clean Energy Collaborative are incredibly excited to be in partnership with ClimateHaven. Learn more about ClimateHaven and its offerings, including its recently announced accelerator, here.

To register for this year's Yale Clean Energy Conference, visit their website.