John Joshi

Director for Financing Solutions at NYSERDA

John Joshi is the Director for Financing Solutions at NYSERDA and instrumental in establishing the RTA.  John focuses on developing strategies as part of NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Fund for mobilizing private capital and market-based financing solutions to support scaled investments in clean energy across sectors and technology areas.  In this role John’s focus is on technologies where financing solutions have been underutilized or underdeveloped.  John has extensive experience in solar and renewable energy capital markets solutions, structured products, hedge funds, and risk management. Among others, John was formerly a Senior Advisor to NREL SAPC Working Group and has advised the Secretary of Energy, White House policy staff and the Senate Finance staffers on the solar finance.  The SAPC project was a multi-year project funded by the DOE under the Sunshot program for a broader adoption of solar energy. The project established standards for data models, best practices for solar securitization, performance reporting and analysis in dialogue with industry stakeholders.

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