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Growing Wheat Well: Why Context Matters From Mexico to Montana

Join Montana Organic Wheat and Kamut Farmer Bob Quinn, author of Grain by Grain and Grupo Trimex’s Sustainability and Social Responsibility Manager, Mar Gutierrez (MEM ‘16) for a conversation on wheat growing practices in a diversity of lands and business models. Grupo Trimex is the largest wheat milling and distribution company in Mexico, working with a farmer-centered approach to support adoption of regenerative principles and practices. Bob Quinn began stewarding Kamut (an ancient wheat variety from Egypt) on his large, 4th generation family farm in Montana in the1980’s; a journey in organic farming and care for community that has had a big impact in the industry. 

Mark Bomford Director of the Yale Sustainable Food Program (YSFP) will facilitate this conversation and dig into this diversity of approaches and considerations in wheat farming and why context matters when talking about regenerative agriculture. Program is co-hosted by the Regenerative Agriculture Lab at CBEY and YSFP.

*Food will be served. We are committed to reducing waste at our event. Therefore, we ask that when you register, you commit to doing your best to attend.