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On Campus | Informational Event

Food Systems Transition Talk

As we undergo a deep food systems transition via nature-based solutions, regenerative agriculture, and conservation and climate-adaptation finance, the role of philanthropy and innovative funding mechanisms are becoming ever more important. Agricultre and food systems development provides a foundation on which to develop holistic climate resilience development models, moving away from reductionists carbon oriented nature based solutionism. We will question what roles blended public-private sector finance, venture capital, grants, and decentralized finance play in climate innovation, and what we should look toward as climate solutions. 

We will hear from several alums, among which is Maki Tazawa from the Grantham Foundation for the Environment, Abhi Kumar from Open Philanthropy,  Katie Archembault from Open Futures Coalition, and Magenta Ceiba from Bloom Network.  

Food will be served.  *We are committed to reducing waste at our event. Therefore, if you register, please commit to attending!