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Bright Spots for Resource Mobilization: Regional Conservation Trusts

Bright Spots for Resource Mobilization: Regional Conservation Trusts
Please join the Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) for the 2014-2015 season of "Nature’s Returns: Investing in Ecosystem Services". We are starting off the season with a mini-series on Regional Initiatives: A Strategy for Removing Barriers and Moving to Landscape Scale. The mini-series will highlight regional initiatives, both international and domestic, that serve as scalable models and approaches to spur major institutional investments. 
The first in this mini-series will feature a talk on Bright Spots for Resource Mobilization: Regional Trusts by Willy Kostka of the Micronesia Conservation Trust and Yabanex Batista of the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund. 
In this webinar, the speakers will talk about the Micronesia Challenge and the Caribbean Challenge Initiative, regional models for leveraging large-scale public and private sector commitment towards common goals. Kostka and Batista will highlight the enabling factors that support the regional trusts as financial vehicles to attract and provide long-term, sustainable funding for biodiversity conservation. They will also detail how countries within their respective regions have capitalized on their natural resources to generate revenue for the trust funds.
Interested in reading more before our webinar? Check out this publication on “Island Bright Spots in Conservation & Sustainability”.




Willy Kostka

Executive Director and Global Head of ESG Research at Micronesia Conservation Trust