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A Conversation with Ariana Yuen, CEO of Forested: Harnessing the Power of Local Farmers

Land degradation, soil erosion, polluted water, carbon emissions, and jeopardizing all life -- deforestation threatens the vitality of both people and the environment. Farming communities often operate in ways incompatible with forest health, as quicker gains from selling timber or traditional agriculture outweigh opportunities to sustainably cultivate and market forest-based products.

The Yale Center for Business and Environment and the Forest Learning Community are excited to host a talk on how farms and forests can make each other stronger and more resilient.

Please join us for this conversation with Ariana Yuen, founder and CEO of Forested, about harnessing the power of local farmers as she shares insights on the impact of agroforestry in East Africa. Those interested in agroforestry, food security, and local farming will find Ariana's experiences illuminating.

Ariana (SOM ‘19) built Forested on a mission to conserve the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems around the Global South, starting in East Africa. Learn more about how Forested is connecting consumer brands with regenerative ingredient producers, all while focusing on biodiversity.

Tagan Engel, resident fellow at CBEY with over 25 years of experience in reshaping local and regional food systems, will moderate the talk. Learn more about Forested here.

Dinner will be provided.


Tagan Engel

Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
Producer at The Table Underground