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Connected Leadership

Inspiring and tooling-up the curious, to be truly connected leaders, for the Great Work ahead.


We believe everyone can be a leader.

Connected Leadership is an innovative new leadership approach developed by CBEY Resident Fellow and Time4Good's Founder Peter Boyd from decades of teaching, leading, managing, and coaching all over the world.

Connected Leadership aims to inspire and empower the curious to build meaningful connections between purpose, the people they care about, and the changing systems around them. Our goal is to help create a world where we are all inspired, equipped, and connected to improve the world around us. 

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Connected Leadership Tools

Connected Leadership Tools

Peter Boyd Connected Leadership

Coursera Course

Connected Leadership is an online course designed to maximize your ability to create change at the individual, team, and system levels.

Through study, reflection, and deploying practical tools, you will establish a firm connection between your clearly articulated purpose, effective priorities, visualized potential for success, and pathway to maximized progress. The key objective of this course is to inspire and empower you to develop your personal style of leadership, improve your ability to get more out of life, and create positive change.

This course is produced in collaboration with Yale Center for Business and the Environment and Yale Center for Teaching and Learning.

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In the Connected Leadership Podcast, we hear from incredible real-life leaders and explore approaches and tools leaders use, and how they connect to their ‘why’ across work and life. We learn through each episode how everyone can be a better leader.

Join us to hear from leaders including:

  • Ben Christensen, Founder and CEO of Cambium Carbon
  • Naasu Genevieve Fofanah, Founder and CEO of Susue Consulting/Susue Women's Financ, 2023 World Fellow at the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs

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More resources and tools

Below are a few more useful tools you can use on this journey to the Great Work ahead!