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Vijjasena (Sena) Sugiono

Yale College 2025
Sena Sugiono.jpg

Vijjasena Sugionois an energy enthusiast from Indonesia with a demonstrated history of working on energy issues at higher education entities. He is deeply passionate about energy access, particularly with an emphasis on digital financing solutions for rural development projects, as well as youth empowerment in the energy transition.  Sena’s future goal is to reimagine youth financing to support small-scale investments to and from low-income communities (circular investment). Sena is currently a first-year student at Yale University and takes on the role of the Yale Energy Liaison and acts as the Student Representative at the Energy Studies Academic Program Steering Committee and the Yale Clean Energy Collaborative.  In the national US energy space, Sena works as the Chair of the US Collegiate Energy Consortium. In the multilateral energy space, Sena serves as the North America Regional Focal Point for the SDG7 Youth Constituency, the coordinator of the Youth Sustainable Energy Hub(YSEH), a Project Officer for the Impact and Growth team at SDSN Youth, and a Fundraising Officer for the Global Youth Climate Action Fund (GYCAF).