Todd Bridges

ESG Research and Development at State Street Global Advisors

Mr. Bridges has led award-winning teams on projects in finance, technology, and sustainable development for more than 10 years. His experience in investment management, technology startups, academia, think-tanks, and research institutes have allowed him to acquired a diverse skill set-including leadership skills (led global teams, built strategic partnerships, advised executive leadership) and analytical skills (ESG analytics, financial modeling, quantitative + qualitative research design).

He is also the author of research articles in leading academic journals and presented at pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, central banks, national conferences, and international conferences. 

His specialties are sustainable investing, sustainable finance, ESG integration, ESG data analytics, investment ecosystems, fiduciary responsibility, corporate governance, shareholder engagement, regulatory frameworks, innovation, research design, strategy development, and sustainable climate models.

Mr. Bridges has a Ph.D. and a Master on Organizational Behavior from Brown University. He was also a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University and A visiting fellow in Oxford.

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