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Perry Bakas

MBA 2024
Perry Bakas.jpg

Perry Bakas is an engineer by education turned renewable energy investor.  Perry studied mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt to become a sustainable product designer, but when he realized how easy it is to greenwash, I decided to pivot into industries more aligned with my ultimate passion of creating a sustainable and ethical future.

As a renewable energy acquisitions and development lead at AES Clean Energy, his passion for decentralized power and climate justice took root.
he has spent time working for cleantech start-ups in the circular economy and mentored for Vanderbilt's sustainable accelerator before coming to Yale.   Parry is very interested in climate innovation, industrial symbiosis, biomaterials, ethical supply chains, and industrial decarbonization.   

As one of the Coordinators of the Climate Innovation Intensive, he hopes to round out his experience in climate startups and investing as he again pivot towards creative capital solutions in his favorite climate sectors.
In his free time, I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and is an avid backpacker, snowboarder (backcountry or resort), rafter, and aspiring climber.