Monika Weber

PhD in Micro Electronics

Monika Weber is a PhD Candidate in Microelectronics at Yale and a founder of Fluid-Screen, a startup, which makes the world a safer place by enabling fast bacteria detection. As a part of her PhD research in Prof. Mark Reed’s lab she has been working for the last five years on detection using silicon nanowire sensors, microfluidic systems and novel pathogen separation methods using dielectrophoresis. Monika’s work has been distinguished with the Grand Prize in the NASA Create the Future Design Contest 2011 (1st out of over 900 projects and 7000 participants), CIMIT award for Primary Care and Sobotka Research Awards at Yale. Prior to joining Yale, Monika received a Master’s in Physics from Freie University in Berlin, Germany and Wroclaw University in Poland. Monika combines leadership skills with strong technical expertise, creativity and business acumen.

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