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Monica Kachru

Director, Offshore Wind at Eversource Energy
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Monica has been at the leading edge of CleanTech for over a decade, building solar projects, driving energy efficiency and currently building offshore wind farms right here in New England. She also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Techpreneur Africa where she helped numerous small businesses reduce their carbon footprint in Africa while increasing their profitability. She currently serves as Director of Offshore Wind Execution at Eversource with a focus on improving project performance and risk management. 

Monica holds a Masters in Energy and Environmental Studies from Boston University and an MBA for MIT Sloan School of Management. Monica is also the Founder of the Anaya Tipnis Foundation, a fast-growing non-profit committed to increasing college graduation rates in young students from underserved communities. In her free time, she loves hiking and trying out new flavors of non-dairy ice cream.