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Maanya Condamoor

New Product Introduction Manager at Impossible Foods
MBA 2018
Master of Environmental Management 2018
Maanya Condamoor

Maanya is a Strategic Business Advisor for the Global Operations Strategy team at Dell. She graduated from Yale in 2018, where she received her MBA and Master of Environmental Management. She has experience with supply chain and operations within the technology industry, strategy consulting, and corporate and operational sustainability, and leadership and research skills. She also has experience working in India and leading and communicating with international teams and audiences.

While at Yale, she spent her summers as a Supply Chain Sustainability intern at Dell and as a Sustainability Intern at Facebook. Prior to Yale, Maanya worked in the corporate sustainability space, helping Kaiser Permanente reduce its environmental footprint. She also worked as a strategy and transformation consultant at IBM and completed product life cycle assessments for Walt Disney Imagineering.

At Yale, Maanya organized a series of events around Sustainability in the Tech Industry, led the Corporate Water Risk course, and worked as a research assistant at CBEY. She also serves as the SOM Student Government Career Development Office Chair, and on the leadership board of the SOM Net Impact Club. Maanya is from Cupertino, California. She graduated with departmental honors and a B.S. in Environmental Science and minors in Environmental Engineering and Conservation Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles.