Gabriel Grant

PhD in Environmental Management

Gabriel is a new father, Director of the Byron Fellowship, an organizational sustainability consultant, and a doctoral candidate in Leadership and Sustainability at the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology. His research focuses on the relationships and possible pathways between micro level flourishing of individuals, flourishing organizations and communities, and at the macro level, a flourishing planet. Gabriel holds an MPhil in Leadership and Sustainability from Yale University, an MS in Ecological Systems Engineering and a BS in Physics from Purdue University. He is also an active sustainability consultant with 14 years of experience whose clients represent a diversity of sectors including: social entrepreneurship, transportation, energy, information and communication technology, commercial and residential development, municipalities, and cultural institutions. His academic, professional and non-profit ventures are committed to the dream of all life flourishing together through people experiencing their life as a calling. His family’s purpose is to powerfully contribute to others.

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