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Elisse Roche

MBA 2023
Master of Environmental Management 2023
Elisse Roche Headshot.jpeg

After graduating from Columbia University in 2014 (BA, English and Hispanic Studies), Elisse worked at Google as a Product Marketing Manager in brand and qualitative research, social media marketing, and social and environmental impact. It was in this latter position that Elisse founded Google Cloud's "Data for Good" program that aimed to empower nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to apply big data solutions to real-world challenges. The initiatives included: Data Solutions for Change, a nonprofit grant program; Visualize 2030, a data visualization contest for social entrepreneurs; and Circular Economy 2030, a sustainability contest for social entrepreneurs.

During this time, Elisse not only recognized the importance of building private-public sector partnerships in building a better, more equal, and more sustainable future, but also decided to pursue further graduate study so as to help secure that future. As a joint-degree MBA/ MEM candidate -- and as a Consortium and Forté Fellow -- Elisse intends to focus on inclusive climate adaptation strategies, specifically with respect to conservation and equitable resource management. Elisse is am also particularly interested in environmental communication and the way in which knowledge can shift perspective, and accordingly, behavior. This past summer, Elisse joined the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) as a Digital Strategist, where Elisse is now responsible for developing marketing strategies in support of YPCCC’s mission to increase the public’s understanding of climate risks and opportunities.

Looking ahead, Elisse intends to work within the public sector, realizing collaborative, climate-positive initiatives that benefit both people and planet.