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Claire Henly

Managing Director Development Hub at Energy Web Foundation
B.S. 2008
Claire Henly

Claire Henly directs the Energy Web Foundation's technology deployment work, developing the frameworks, technical standards and best practices necessary to drive adoption of blockchain technology by the energy sector. Her portfolio includes EW Origin – a secure, low cost, public tracking system for renewable energy credits, EW Link – a set of standards and best practices to connect distributed energy assets to the blockchain, and the D3A Simulation – a tool to evaluate the economic impacts of a blockchain based transactive energy model for electricity grids.

Prior to EWF, Claire worked at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a leading U.S. energy sector think tank, for 5 years on projects across the energy sector and the world. She has collaborated with China’s central government on a national 30 year, low-carbon energy plan and worked closely with the Rwandan government and utility to reduce electricity costs and increase access across the country. In the clean tech space, Claire co-founded a fuel cell startup company, Red Ox Systems, leading their business development efforts and consulted for Cambrian Innovation, another fuel cell startup, moving the company into two new markets. Outside of the clean tech space Claire has worked for McKinsey & Company, BHP Billiton and Goldman Sachs. She received a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Yale University.