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Christopher Caldwell

CEO at United Renewables
FDCE 2023
Chris Caldwell profile photo

Embracing a lifelong journey of learning and adaptation, Chris Caldwell has navigated a diverse career path that led him from law to investment banking, and ultimately to the renewable energy sector as CEO of United Renewables. In his current role, Chris oversees the successful development of numerous renewable projects across wind, solar, hydro, and anaerobic digestion.

Chris is also an active speaker at conferences globally and a podcast host sharing insights and inspiring discussions around sustainable leadership and environmental stewardship.

Chris represents the Yale Financing and Deploying Clean Energy program as an Alumni Ambassador. He is committed to strengthening the FDCE network by actively participating in alumni events, offering support to fellow alumni, and championing innovation and environmental leadership. He is dedicated to nurturing a vibrant, interconnected Yale FDCE alumni community, devoted to making a positive impact in the world.