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Cece Zhao

Investor at AllianceBernstein
FDCE 2024
Cece Zhao

Cece Zhao works at AllianceBernstein as an investor, where she manages cross-asset portfolios and specializes in tactical asset allocation. As a mission-driven investor deeply passionate about tackling climate change, she developed and manages the team's first Energy Transition portfolio and actively contributes to research in the field of carbon markets. Prior to her current role, Cece worked as a quant analyst at Invesco, where she focused on developing multi-asset data analytics for alternative portfolios and risk management.

Growing up in China with education and work experience spanning Asia, Europe, and the US, Cece firmly believes in the urgent need to build a global community in the face of the climate crisis. Having spent a decade in the financial industry with responsibilities ranging from quantitative research and data analysis to product development and business strategy, she is committed to deploying her comprehensive skillset in support of the global net-zero cause and advancing cross-border collaboration in building climate solutions and economic resilience.

Cece holds a master's degree in Operations Research from Columbia University and an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Hong Kong. She is also a CFA Charterholder and holds the CFA certificate in ESG investing.