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Andrea Arricale

Energy Specialist Consultant at World Bank
FDCE 2024
Andrea Arricale headshot

Andrea serves as an Energy Specialist Consultant within the World Bank, where he provides technical assistance, knowledge leadership and operational support to deliver sustainable, reliable and clean energy supply to schools, hospitals, remote households and displacement settings in Sub-Saharan Africa. In his role, Andrea supports the World Bank’s ESMAP unit – a World Bank multi-donor partnership – to disseminate innovative approaches to electrify households, businesses and public institutions in rural and hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, Andrea leads the electrification of public institutions component of the World Bank DARES platform, a multi-stakeholder collaboration that aims to double the pace of energy access in Africa with decentralized renewable energy technologies by 2026. Andrea is passionate about promoting sustainable and reliable access to electricity as an enabling factor to improve the education, health, livelihoods, and ultimately, the quality of life of the most vulnerable. Andrea holds a Law Degree from University of Trento, Italy, a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS), and is a member of the Yale FDCE 2024 cohort.