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Abhilasha Purwar

Chief Air Pollution Fighter at Blue Sky Analytics
Master of Environmental Management 2017
Abhilasha Purwar

Abhilasha Purwar is currently the Chief Air Pollution Fighter at Blue Sky Analytics, which is building India Environmental Data Stack using Geospatial & IoT datasets. Blue Sky aims to provide high resolution, high scale, dynamic quantification of key environmental indicators starting with Air Pollution. Blue Sky's current app, BreeZo is now available. Prior to joining Blue Sky Analytics, Abhilasha worked in enterprise business development at WeWork India and as an Associate at GoldenSet Capital Partners in Connecticut.

Abhilasha graduated with a Masters of Environmental Management from Yale University in 2017. She is interested in energy and infrastructure finance (particularly in emerging economies). Previously, she worked in the United States, India, Ireland and Ghana in solar business development, economics and policy consulting, oil and gas, and nanotechnology research. She holds a B.Tech in Applied Chemistry from IIT-BHU. She is an aspiring yoga teacher and enjoys hiking, biking and backpacking.