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Yale GreenLight Ideation Workshop: Travelers Insurance

Travelers Umbrella

Yale GreenLight Ideation Workshop: Travelers Insurance

GreenLight is a series of highly interactive, fast-paced ideation workshops with leaders of organizations at the intersection of business and the environment.

Travelers is an insurance company with over 30,000 employees and 13,500 independent agents across the world protecting individuals and businesses. After disaster strikes, Travelers agents assess damage and help customers build their lives back. Throughout its over 165 years of existence, this company has made sustainability a prominent value.

Travelers has come to GreenLight for our help in how to make disaster cleanup more sustainable. Currently, wreckage from insurance claim events, such as natural disasters, is brought to landfills. To reduce its environmental footprint and the problem of landfill waste, Travelers would like to find other uses and end locations for these materials.

Work with our GreenLight team to help Travelers work through a mind-bending challenge at the intersection of business and the environment!

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Apply here:

Questions? Contact Julia Nojeim, Panyapat Nitikitpaiboon, and Urvi Talaty.



11.00-11.15 am - Introduction/review of problem statement and framework

11.15-11.35 am - Expanding and reframing (breakout rooms)

11.35-11.45 am - Present new problem statements

11.45-11.55 am - Individual brainstorming & bucketing (on Miro)

11.55-12.10 pm - Group brainstorming solutions to new problem statement (breakout rooms, Miro)

12.10-12.15 pm - break

12.15-12.20 pm - Pick a solution

12.20-12.35 pm - Pitch preparation

12.35-12.55 pm - Presentation (6 mins each) (bullets on PowerPoint/ graphics if teams preferred)

12.55-1.00 pm - Wrap up/reflection/feedback from client