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Alumni Event

Women in Climate Tech Night

Collaborations with: Women in Cleantech and Sustainability, Women and Climate, Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Sponsor), Yale Center for the Business and Environment, Paris Energy Connections

Ticket: free but RSVP required (Needs approval). Drinks are not provided and limited snacks will be provided. 

​The event aims to bring together those with interests in climate innovations, ESG, and sustainability. This includes investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers. The event offers an opportunity for attendees to mingle and network in an after-work setting. Although the event places emphasis on women, everyone is welcome. 

​Yale has long been an incubator for climate leaders. Collaborated with Women in Cleantech and Sustainability (WCS) and Women and Climate (WAC), Yale’s climate tech ecosystem wants to bring all students, alumni, and professionals together. 


​6:30-6:45 PM Welcome

​6:45-7:00 PM Collaboration Organizations Introduction

​7:00-7:30 PM Networking I

​7:30-8:15 PM Groop Networking by Topics / Speed Networking

​8:15-9:00 PM Networking II

Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Sponsor)

​Launched in 2017, Tsai CITY serves students from across Yale’s campus through programs, funding, and mentoring. We’re building a new kind of innovation center, one rooted in inclusivity: here, students from all backgrounds tackle issues like climate change and civic engagement, develop creative projects from documentary films to digital platforms, and launch high-growth ventures and movements.

Yale Center for the Business and Environment

​CBEY brings together a diverse group of students, faculty, alumni, and other participants with a shared desire to save our planet. We believe in intersectionality, innovation, collaboration, and equity. We believe in shared power and diversity of thought. We believe that a thriving world will take all of us, but the onus for undoing systems of oppression rests on the shoulders of the individuals who most benefit from those systems. CBEY is committed to playing our role in removing barriers to access and success. 

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

​Founded in 2011, Women in Cleantech & Sustainability is a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization made up of more than 5,000 professional women and men building the green economy.  Our members range from students and entry-level professionals to Founders, C-Suite executives, and investors. Women in Cleantech & Sustainability aims to meet once a month to network and learn the latest industry developments, as well as to attain new business and personal skills from speakers and panelists. Topics covered include renewable energy (solar, wind biofuel, etc), water, smart grid, biomass, carbon reduction, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, sustainability, green buildings, and many other technologies that aim to make our world a cleaner, more sustainable place.

Women and Climate

​Women and Climate creates a joyful and safe space for more women to learn and talk about climate. Our goal is to help more women get started on their personal and professional climate journey. We are also passionate about giving women climate leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts a platform to share their solutions and ideas. Women and Climate is a 501c3 non-profit registered in New York with a growing number of local communities around the world.

Paris Energy Connections

​Paris Energy Connections is a group of young professionals passionate about the pan-energy industry. Starting from Paris in 2021, our community members have diverse backgrounds, covering areas such as traditional energy, energy transition, new energy, sustainable development, and green finance. Our areas of expertise involve academic research, consulting services, investments, manufacturing, and project development, among others. We aim to connect energy professionals from Europe and around the world by sharing knowledge, organizing offline activities, and providing a platform for resources.