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Utilities and Efficiency

PG&E's Efficiency Programs and the Role of Decoupling

Providing electricity and natural gas to about 40% of Californians, Pacific Gas & Electric is the largest utility in the country ranked by number of customers. PG&E is also a pioneer in the efficiency field—it had some of the earliest efficiency programs in the country and has consistently helped its customers consume energy efficiently since the 1970s.This webinar will explore energy efficiency from the perspective of the utility. Janice Berman, the Senior Director of Energy Efficiency Strategy at PG&E, will discuss the efficiency programs at PG&E and how California's energy policies - particularly decoupling - help utilities in the state to pursue efficiency without losing revenue.

2013-04-09 12.05 Blueprint for Efficiency - Utilities and Efficiency PG E s Efficiency Programs and the Role of Decoupling - 04 from Ben Butterworth on Vimeo.