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Regional Event

The Big Connecticut Food Event

Connecticut has made substantial progress in developing ​infrastructure for ​entrepreneurs in the state’s food and beverage ​industry. Multiple commercial ​kitchens, incubators and funding ​programs now span our small state and have generated interest ​within the regional ​industry.

Work remains to remove friction in the Connecticut food ​​entrepreneurship pipeline, including stronger links with ​wholesale buyers and solutions providers, and more effective ​support for women and BIPOC entrepreneurs and ​businesses ​pursuing sustainable or regenerative processes.

The Big Connecticut Food Event is designed to provide ​opportunities for emerging food ​and beverage brands to connect ​with the expertise that they’re going to need ​on their journeys, ​and for strategic and industry partners to meet the growing ​community of promising brands.

Our goal is to support the development of Connecticut’s ​entrepreneurship pipeline so it produces multiple food and ​beverage brands every year that each exceed $2 million in annual ​sales.

Check out The Big Connecticut Food Event website!